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'Stillbirth represents one of the greatest hidden and endemic causes of death in Australia'.

Heather Jeffery - Professor International Maternal and Child Health
University of Sydney & Clinical Academic Neonatologist,
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney


'Each day parents experience such devastating losses and yet many will never know why their baby was born still. This is a story about deep loss, grief, survival, empowerment, and reconciliation. In these pages a mother validates her baby’s existence, strives to find answers, and honours her baby’s memory'.

'We thank her for sharing her honest emotions and intimate experiences in her quest to support other grieving parents and to raise community awareness of the impact of stillbirth on families'.

Susan Halstead-Baker - Manager

Family Services & Community Education Unit

SIDS and Kids Victoria



Book Review- Still at Birth

Author Caroline Sugden

This book is immediately striking to bereaved parents based on the title – Still at Birth. For many families this is exactly the heartbreak they encounter when their babies are born - still at birth.

Caroline Sugden has written an incredibly honest and heartbreaking book about the loss of her precious daughter Isabelle and the challenges that she and her husband Mark experience following their daughter’s death. Experiences parents should never have to face.

Caroline has written the book in a very descriptive style which as the reader makes it easy to connect with her, particularly if you are a bereaved parent. They way she describes her inner most thoughts and feelings help the reader to empathise with the pain her and her husband may have been feeling. As a bereaved parent, I found myself many times throughout the book nodding my head and reflecting on how her feelings and experiences were similar to mine. There were many times in this book, I felt connected to Caroline, one bereaved mother to another.

The book touches on many topics - Conception, hearing the heartbreaking news, birthing a stillborn baby, grief, family, the need to find answers, subsequent pregnancy, friendship and life. The one thing that speaks volumes in this book is how a person’s life truly does change forever after the loss of a baby.

Still at Birth touches on an incredibly difficult subject and one that is often not discussed or written about when it comes to babies that are stillborn.

Caroline and Mark embark on an emotional rollercoaster by seeking answers into their daughter’s death. They believe both their obstetrician and Maternity Hospital hospitals have questions that need to be answered. These chapters highlight the ongoing daily struggle that some bereaved parents endure to find the heartbreaking answers as to why their baby has died. The enquiry into Isabelle’s death is interesting and eye opening. The book includes extracts from the inquiry which help the reader to understand the true complexities of the case.

I found this book to be very different to any other book I have read on the loss of a baby before; it truly tells the story of many aspects of pregnancy loss and really highlights the many challenges couples’ have to face after such a devastating loss.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would particularly recommend it to bereaved parents and allied health professionals

Reviewed By Jaylee Cooper TLC Pregnancy & Infant Loss Australia- Managing Director.







Caroline Sugden is typical of the young women of today,
successfully combining career, marriage and motherhood.
She is passionate about community issues and is a volunteer
support person for other bereaved parents. Caroline is
passionate about helping to reduce the number of stillbirths
which is currently one of the most common negative outcomes
of pregnancy but is among the least well-studied.
In 2008, there were 2154 stillbirths, defined as foetal deaths
at 20 weeks or more gestation, in Australia
-- 582 of them in Victoria. Why?
Contact Caroline at book@stillatbirth.com
if you'd like to order a book. $10 inc postage.